Alexandra Cabri's oil painting Transformation

This painting illustrates the notion that the human being, in its journey toward evolution, gradually transcends its primal, animalistic nature, moving towards a more divine essence.
It emphasizes the transformative journey of human consciousness, as human evolution extends beyond the physical realm, involving a profound shift in consciousness.


Nefertiti, the illustrious queen of Egypt, stands as a beacon of power and independence, seamlessly embodying the roles of a nurturing mother, devoted wife, and an iconic presence in the artistic tapestry of her reign. Her union with Akenaton, the visionary first pharaoh, ushered in revolutionary concepts of monotheism and theosophy.

In the vibrant epoch around 1500 BC, Egypt found itself immersed in a rich mosaic of diverse gods, giving rise to conflicts that yearned for resolution. Nefertiti, in her symbolic grandeur, gracefully personifies fertility and the rejuvenation of life. Her essence gracefully unfolds across three nuanced levels: the emotional/intuitive self (subconscious), the will (conscious), and the soul (supra-conscious). These layers elegantly mirror ancestral heritage, the distinctive individuality of each person, and the profound concept of Oneness. Together, this narrative paints a vivid and nuanced portrait, offering a captivating and multi-dimensional understanding of Nefertiti’s symbolism, seamlessly weaving together the realms of psychology and spirituality.


“The Divine mother never withholds her love. I invite you to recognize her as the primal life giver, the creator of the Universe, the embodiment of the feminine principle of creation, and the nurturing womb of humanity.

Invite her love to flow into you continuously, provided you are willing to make space for it and let go of your suffering. By deepening your connection with her, you can transcend any sense of deprivation and bask in the boundless love she offers.”