An energy healing session offers a transformative experience for the client, with the purpose of enhancing well-being on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

balance & harmony

An energetic healing session with Alexandra Cabri incorporates various healing modalities, including Reiki and Limbic Resonance. Universal energies are channelled to promoting balance and harmony within the client’s energy field and to align pathways that impact the client’s physical, emotional, and psychic states.

The primary objective of the session is to clear stagnant energies and emotions that may stem from the client’s current life or previous experiences in different dimensions. By restructuring these misaligned pathways, a profound healing process unfolds.

new possibilities 

Throughout the session, Alexandra receives Divine Guidance, which offers valuable insights and information to support the client’s healing journey. Symbolic images may be revealed, providing the client with powerful tools to work with or directions on shifting their perspective regarding the challenges they face. Ancestors or spiritual teachers might also convey direct messages, aiding in the completion or cancellation of past life issues. Additionally, a reconnection with the Source is facilitated, allowing the client’s inner light to shine forth and expand.

As the session draws to a close, we engage in a shared process of reflection, expressing awareness, gratitude, and discussing the next steps to be taken. This enables the client to integrate the healing experience and gain clarity about their path forward.

Healing sessions are available in-person or remotely.

elements of a session 

limbic resonance

Limbic Resonance is a state of deep emotional and physiological connection between two people. I tap into my client so I can become related with their current state of being, any imbalances or underlying discordances.

divine guidance

Divine Guidance is the innate intelligence that we all have access to. In sessions I call forth the intelligence of my highest self and that of the clients, along with our personal guides, the Ascended Masters, Teachers, Archangels and Angels, Ancestors, Fairies, Pan and Divas.


At the beginning of the each session I listen to what is present in for the client and together we set a desired result for the clarity, relief, insights and healing we would like to result from our session. 


All sessions are available remotely. Full and Basic sessions are available in person – Alexandra’s studio is located in West Los Angeles.

FULL SESSION – 1 hour and forty-five minutes – $275

BASIC SESSION – 1 hour – $180

MINI SESSION – 1/2 hour – $95 *only available to established clients remotely

CLARITY CALLS – 15 minute check-in calls for established clients only – $50 for one call or $160 for a bundle of four calls. Calls must be booked and confirmed.

Click the button below to book a session. Please include which kind of session you are interested in and four available times. Alexandra will respond with a link to provide payment, confirmed booking times and link to session or physical address.

New clients must book a FULL or BASIC session for their first visit and complete and return the new client intake forms at least 24 hours before their scheduled session.

*Cancellation policy – All sessions are to be paid in advance. Sessions may be rescheduled if given a 24 hour notice. No refunds or rescheduling of appointments not cancelled within the 24 hour period.

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