The Japanese art of hands-on healing with Universal energy.

becoming a Reiki practitioner

Reiki is a healing art that is passed from master to student in the form of an atunement or initiation that facilitates a connection to the universal reiki source.

Receiving a Reiki initiation is a spiritual experience where your energetic pathways are opened so that the reiki energy can move through you, impact your health and well-being as well as the health and well-being of others.
Reiki is an oral tradition and as such all oral traditions are sensitive to the distortions that can occur over time. Therefore Alexandra is very scrupulous about thoroughly replicating the teaching she received from her Reiki Master Uma Trish Schaef who is a 6th generation Master of the Reiki Ryoho tradition, making Alexandra a 7th generation master, making each of her students an 8th generation initiated.
Reiki level I allows the practitioner to work immediately after the attunements by physical touch, on themselves, on others, on animals, plants, food, objects, places, vehicles for healing and protection, using only one sacred sign. Some students choose to only practice at the level I. That is perfectly fine. 

Reiki II allows to work at a distance as well as going deeper into psychic healing. THis practice requires the learning of 2 different sacred signs.

No special skills or prior healing experience is required. Authenticity and humility as a healer is what Alexandra puts the emphasis on.

Alexandra Cabri has been a Reiki master since 2000. For Alexandra, being a master implies a lifelong dedication to support, update and guidance for each of her students. 


Reiki I : $330 (4 hour class)

Reiki II: $520 (6 hour class)

Master level : $ 600 (6 hour class)

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