Alexandra’s work is an evolution of spirit, a sublime conversation, and a creative birth leading to transformation. 

Alexandra Cabri meditating at Wisdome Los Angeles


Alexandra’s work is an evolution of spirit, as sublime conversation, and a creative birth leading to transformation. Her introspective art is a map, a tool, a deeply healing medium, and the language with which she communicates with the Divine. 

“I am an artist, teacher, and healer, and my journey in the world of art and spirituality has profoundly shaped my unique perspective on life. From an early age, I immersed myself in the study of art, starting at twelve and teaching classes by the age of seventeen. My artistic pursuits led me to New York, where I became part of Andy Warhol’s factory, gaining firsthand experience in the vibrant art scene.

Graduating in video art, I not only produced records but also witnessed health abuses in this environment, prompting me to explore alternative paths. Returning to Paris, I delved into a Japanese spiritual healing technique, Jorei, and completed my third-level initiation from Mahikari in Japan. I further expanded my healing expertise, becoming a Reiki Master and a confirmed sophrologist.

I applied my healing practices to aid young adults in drug addiction recovery programs and provided counseling for their parents. My diverse skills led me to study the art of prayer, eventually becoming a spiritual adviser within the theosophical church Antoinist.

Apart from my spiritual pursuits, I have been a sailor since childhood, crossing oceans with my family and spending significant time in Haiti and Santo Domingo. These experiences enriched my life, fostering a deep respect and compassion for the struggles of humanity.

As a fine artist, art teacher, and healer, I bring a unique blend of creativity and spirituality to my work. With training and experience in reading people’s energy fields, I intuitively apply appropriate techniques during sessions to offer individuals a clearer, calmer, and happier experience of being alive. My holistic approach encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, reflecting my commitment to fostering well-being in others.”

“The gift of being a healer, for me, is rooted in the belief that it comes from accumulated experiences in past lives. There’s a sense of ease and a strong connection with familiar realms carried over from those previous incarnations. Through past life regression, I discovered instances of being a doctor and a life spent in devotion within the Catholic Church and Hinduism.

In my childhood, I was deeply connected to the fairy world and practiced dowsing with my Grandpa. Despite spending twenty years as a loud atheist, a moment of confusion and suffering led me to consciously reconnect with the Divine. Facing a critical juncture where drugs seemed like the final choice, I experienced an epiphany in the streets of Paris. In that pivotal moment, I chose to accept the responsibility of my association with the forces of light and turned my life around.

From that point forward, I aligned every aspect of my life with this choice. I quickly reconnected with teachings and schools of thought from past lives, including Kabbalah, Tarot card reading, Christianity, Sacred geometry, Hermetism, and Buddhism. I immersed myself in Rudolf Steiner’s literature and formed a wonderful group named the Fairies. This period of exploration and learning became a profound journey of healing, and my commitment to both healing and personal growth became as strong as my dedication to my artistic pursuits. Balancing these dual passions has been a fundamental aspect of my journey.”

“My journey in the art world took a significant turn when the light of God illuminated my path, revealing that my previous role as a graphic designer and commercial artist wasn’t fulfilling. Reconnecting with my original ambition to be a fine artist became a priority, reigniting a passion that I had set aside out of fear and resignation when my twins were born. For the past 15 years, my spirituality and art have existed in balance, each enriching the other.

Just as healing and praying intertwine, authenticity has become the core of my existence, transforming everything in my life into a new reality. My artistic work serves as a pathway to self-discovery, where each blank canvas becomes a mirror reflecting aspects of myself and every human being. The mysteries revealed in my paintings contribute to my learning and understanding of life.

Moreover, my paintings serve as a communication tool, conveying concepts and ideas that words may struggle to express. In the realm of healing, I prioritize autonomy for individuals, empowering them to understand the process and what is transpiring within them. Sometimes, a painting becomes a powerful means to convey a concept or idea that can make a significant difference in a person’s current state. The synergy between my fine art and energy healing lies in the authentic exploration of self, the revelations in my paintings, and the transformative impact on individuals’ understanding of healing concepts.”


Alexandra Cabri’s work exudes a quality of enigmatic beauty and a hope for enlightenment.

Her fine art, bespoke jewelry and spiritual guidance are all driven by her fascination with archetypal symbolism, spiritual devolution and her unique, intuitive approach to communicating with the Divine.

Born in France, Alexandra began studying art at the age of twelve under the tutelage of Jean-Claude Correria. She explored working in ink and charcoal to perfect the expression of values and shading. Unbeknownst to her at the time, focusing on light and shadow was the auspicious beginning of Alexandra’s unique expression of duality, introspection and a life-long exploration of spiritual studies.

Continuing her studies of art at the Ecole Nationale des Art Decoratifs, Alexandra delved into the art of Japanese lacquering, the restoration of Romanesque chapels, and the tradition of Greek icon making. She then travelled to New York to pursue her thesis at Andy Warhol’s Factory and applied her creativity to video, animation and graphic arts. 

Years of attention on technical skill and meticulous execution of classical processes merged with spontaneous creativity and innovation – inspiring a fascination with alchemical transformation and exploration of both diverse and integral philosophies.

Alexandra’s studies in Theosophy and her initiation into the healing arts: Jorei and Mahikari led to an interest in Shamanism and Reiki as well as a deeper quest into spiritual arts including Kabblah, Christianity, sacred geometry, tarot, Heretism, Buddhism and the art of prayer. Alexandra eventually became a spiritual advisor at The Church of Antoinist, a Reiki practitioner, and an ordained minister, all while seeing her inner life and spiritual life being reflected in her art. 

“ I realized that my work was speaking metaphorically through fundamental ancient archetypes and symbols. I was discovering a way to encourage healing through this universal language. It became my mission to invite and invoke introspection for the purpose of healing,” says Cabri. 

Today Alexandra’s paintings are portals to the invisible through which higher levels of consciousness become manifest in our plane of reality. Through her prolific work, she brings transcendent symbols, the divine feminine archetypes, as well as the sacredness and mysticism of timeless and religion-free spirituality, into living form. Her teachings and paintings are an ever-moving flow reflective of the magic of the constantly evolving quest for ascension.

Respected institutions, such as the Ueno Museum  in Tokyo, the Ministry of Culture in Paris, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Spectrum Gallery, and the San Diego Museum, have exhibited her work. 

Now living in Los Angeles, Cabri has taught at Otis College of Design, art therapy classes at Journey Malibu Rehab Center and printmaking and pastel at Brentwood Art Center. She offers spiritual guidance, hands-on healing, and harmonic art pieces while creating fine art.

Alexandra gracefully walks between the unseen and seen paradigms of existence offering insight, wisdom and beauty for true seekers.

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Alexandra Cabri meditating at Wisdome Los Angeles


Alexandra’s work is an evolution of spirit, as sublime conversation, and a creative birth leading to transformation. Her introspective art is a map, a tool, a deeply healing medium, and the language with which she communicates with the Divine.