“The Phoenix transformation process symbolizes the cycle of death and rebirth, renewal, and the indomitable nature of life. It teaches us the importance of resilience, personal growth, and the ability to overcome adversity, emerging stronger and wiser from the challenges we face.
Just like the sun, every day offers the possibility of rebirth if we free ourselves from rigid attachment to the past. The moment that just happened is no longer. This painting celebrates the pain and the joy within our humanity. Change is the foundation of life, and fire is its best tool.”


“In ‘Nefertiti’s Crowned Mirror,’ I delve into the essence of divine femininity, where Nefertiti stands as an embodiment of the revered Mother Goddess. Within this painting, I’ve woven her presence alongside Hathor, the progenitor of gods, and the Fire Goddess, guardian of the transmutation process.”


“In the realm of inner transformation, forgiveness emerges as a sacred path illuminated by open-mindedness and guided by a desire to move on, to explore life without emotional burdens. Living with an unfurled heart and a receptive mind, we are likely to choose understanding, empathy, and allow forgiveness to blossom infectiously. It is in our willingness to see multiple perspectives, relinquish rigid judgments, and honor the humanity we all share that the true essence of forgiveness unfolds. “


TRANSFORMATIVE ART + HEALING Full Moon Sagadawa Celebration & Fundraiser ABUNDANCE CEREMONY & LAMA BLESSINGS Join me as I welcome Jennifer Estevez to host a salon around buddhism and buddhist practices. She will demonstrate how she works with these practices in both medicine, and everyday life! Come and connect with Jennifer and her buddhist teacher […]


Embark on a journey to transform your emotions at will and gain an understanding that shifting emotions leads to a change in thoughts.


Navigating the dualistic mind – embark on an artistic and transformative exploration of the dualistic nature of the mind, empowering ourselves to navigate life’s journey with clarity, authenticity, and inner peace.


“This image originates from the profound visualizations that unfold during my healing sessions, intertwining elements from multiple dimensions. The visage, a tangible representation within the physical realm, appears to emerge from the ethereal backdrop—the unseen intricacies of one’s energetic essence and the field it is a part of. This interplay encompasses the pulsating dance of the electromagnetic field, the threads of the energetic network, and profound connections to ancestral energies.”


– Alexandra Cabri – Alexandra Cabri ARTIST STATEMENT While I channeling this image and discerning it’s message, I came to understand a universal truth: That the mother is inherently sacred, eternal, and aligned with the divine, regardless of whether or not she embodied her sacred aspects. That a mother perpetually retains her original connection to […]


” believe we undergo many incarnations within a single lifetime. We don different masks, undergo metamorphoses, and navigate a spectrum of emotions, moods, and perceptions of existence in the short time we are on the planet. The richness in our multi-dimensional selves creates beautiful facets and reflections that impact our experience and the experience of others.”