– Alexandra Cabri

– Alexandra Cabri


While I channeling this image and discerning it’s message, I came to understand a universal truth: That the mother is inherently sacred, eternal, and aligned with the divine, regardless of whether or not she embodied her sacred aspects. That a mother perpetually retains her original connection to the source. This artwork pays homage to the yearning for forgiveness—an alchemical process that transmuted my resentment into a journey toward profound comprehension, delving into the intricate layers of her being.

The aspiration to forgive metamorphosed my resentment into a relentless exploration that longed for deeper insights into my own mother’s essence. Amidst the painting’s intricate details, a sacred cave emerges as the birthing ground for consciousness, unveiling the sacred essence within every being.

Through this image, a message is channeled and discerned, rectifying a once-resisted falsehood and embracing a profound truth: the transcendence of maternal pain. Regardless of past struggles, the depicted mother is inherently sacred, eternal, and aligned with the divine, perpetually retaining her original connection to the source.

On the verso of this canvas, I inscribed: “I allow the sacred bat to guide you out of the cavern of my resentment.” This visual revelation emerged on a night saturated with the energies of Bali, serving as a visceral translation of a profound sensation—a revelation of the sacred facet of my earthly mother. Once my greatest challenge, she has transformed into the canvas of my healing. This image, as always, is a gift from my muses.


The Silohuette

The silhouette sitting in lotus pose portrays the consciousness of our immortal being. While delicate gold lines represent the Supreme Consciousness extending from the source.

The face within the figure symbolizes embodiment of worldly consciousness and our tendency to become overly enamored with the physical realm, which sometimes lingers too heavily within us to the point of being trapped in it.

Sacred Bat

Bats are commonly associated with darkness, typically appearing black in color. In Bali, a bat cave is home to a colony of these creatures. Among them, one bat stands out distinctly—white and revered as sacred. This albino bat holds a unique status, perhaps as the sole creature capable of effortlessly navigating between the realms of light and darkness. Through its albinism, it becomes a symbol of harmonizing opposing forces, embodying the delicate balance between illumination and obscurity.

The Spiral

The spiral, nestled within a shell, an ear, a womb, or a heart chamber.



24 x 36″



24 x 36″


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