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Alexandra Cabri invites you to her class about the Shift Method, during which you will create your own Personal Healing Mantra.

Each week we explore new places to implement empowerment and new possibilities. The upcoming class will explore our instinct or patterns of attachment.

Our life is based on attachments we form. Our nervous system is in a constant need to for it, that is why we adopt habits so easily. Some good , some detrimental. The good news is we can regulate and modulate that need by being aware of the difference and consciously release them .



In this class, you will learn to identify and shift your emotions. By liberating yourself from conditioned pain and taking control of your nervous system you can improve your relationships, productivity and overall quality of life.

The SHIFT Method will give you the tools to help you redirect your focus and give you a new perspective. 

You will learn:

  • How to keep negative beliefs, judgements and fear of the past from repeating itself 
  • The nature of Trauma and how it feeds feelings of helplessness 
  • The value of, and how to use Introspection to go back to feeling safe and in charge

Benefits could include:

  • Becoming your own healer
  • Befriending your emotions
  • Gaining a new perspective on what’s possible for yourself
  • Making peace, integrating and liberating the constraints of the past to clear way for the future

Class Overview:

  • Meditation (ground and align)
  • An overview of the physiology behind the anxiety, emotions and the body
  • Introduction to the Shift Method
  • The 3 different brain modes: Assess, Imagine and Create and how to use them daily

Next Classes: 

  • Thursday – July 13th at 5:00pm
  • Sunday – July 16th at 2:00 pm

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